Structure Of ZEDA

There are three major organs of the association, which constitute its organizational structure. These are:

  • the congress which constitute all registered members of the Association and meets annually in form of Annual General Meeting (AGM), to assess and have an overview of the progress of the Association over the year as well as propose new targets for the coming year.
  • The Board of Trustees(BOT) is charged with the responsibility of making policies as well as overseeing the management of the Association’s funds, programmes and projects, It meets quarterly.
  • The Central Working Committee(CWC) is the “Think Tank” of the Association. It meets every last Saturday of the month and operates on standing and adhoc Committees. The standing Committees of the Association are:
        Formal Education
        Vocational Skills Acquisition
        Guidance and Counseling
        Prominent Indigenes and friends scholarship scheme.
        Admissions/Higher Education
        ZEDA organized competition
        Corporate Relations
        ZEDA Land Development
        ZEDA strategic planning
        AGM planning
        Adhoc committees are set up as the need arrises.

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