History Of ZEDA

Zaria Education Development Association (ZEDA) is a voluntary, non-governmental and community-base Association dedicated to the improvement of education in Zaria, its environs and Nigeria in general. The Association was founded in 1992 as a result of an aroused consciousness of moral and social obligations to avert and combat the apparent or impending collapse of education in the area and the desire to salvage the society from socio-economic decay. In response to this challenge, the founding members of the Association took a community based approach to redress the problems by forming the Association on 9th February, 1992. ZEDA was registered with the corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1993.

Objectives Of ZEDA  
ZEDA was born out of the disturbing educational crisis with a burning desire to urgently salvage the educational decadence in Zaria and its environs. ZEDA therefore emerged at the right time to rescue that very educational decadence by serving as a conduit in providing funds, materials and instructional support for revamping education in the area. Accordingly, ZEDA was objectively established to, among other things.

  • Promote awareness and generate interactions among Zaria indigenes and their friends for purpose of uplifting the educational standard of the area.
  • Generate and provide support to run a remedial education programme for weak secondary school leavers to enable them obtain necessary qualifications for higher education. 
  • Works towards establishing an educational center composed of nursery; primary and secondary schools in the area which would produce candidates qualified to attend higher institutions of learning and acquire sound, permanent and functional /professional and vocational education.
  • Motivate, by providing proper guidance and counseling as well as financial support to needy and promising students of the area that are lacking Government scholarship or means to sponsor themselves.
  • Encourage and support similar programmes in other Local Government Areas in Kaduna State and the Nation in general.